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The USP is the only free secondary item, and is considered a compact weapon. It holds 8 shots and 48 reserve shots. It has good accuracy and recoil, but poor damage. It takes about a whole magazine or two to kill your target. The USP is often used by beginners, but it is not common to be seen shooting.

Tips and TacticsEdit

    1. Use the USP if you are equipped with a sniper and you do not have any other secondaries. It will help you fend off close range attackers and possibly fully auto enemies.
    2. If there is a nearby enemy. Shoot at him with a USP first, then finish him off with a sniper or vice versa. This is a much easier strategy than trying to fit in two shots with a sniper.
    3. Pay attention to where your red dot is. Don't go spraying your ammunition, only shoot if you are positive that your dot sight is actually on your enemy.
    4. Only use USP if you are a sniper with no other secondaries dealing with close combat or near sniper enemies.

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