The Jetship is an ultra-deadly aircraft that can go up to 35 mph and has an unlimited amount of rockets. Each rocket can deal up to 61 damage to players, and can maintain a steady firerate of 7 rockets before having to "reload" the rockets in its payload. The JetShip is known for being the most overpowered weapon in Warmerise, as it is hard to destroy and can destroy anyone with ease, considering that you don't have to be accurate with the rockets. Also, the weapon is used for XP gaining, as it can get vehicle kills through ramming much easier than the humvee (jeep). This is due to the easy control of the jet with a mouse, instead of using WASD with a jeep.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Ram people on the ground for XP gaining.
  2. In order to ram people without getting to much damage, boost your jet (right click) keeping the nose of the jet a few feet off the ground. Aim the nose dierectly to your enemy's head to avoid damage from rubbing the jet to the ground.
  3. Avoid the turrets on the humvees, as they prove to be devastating.
  4. Take out players with automatic weapon, then shotguns, then snipers.