The Carbine is an accurate heavy assault rifle, it has high damage and fairly fast rate of fire with plenty of ammo. It is probably one of the most destructive weapons in Warmerise, and is used as the standard assault weapon for high-ranked players. It is the most used and deadliest weapon in the game.

Head 27
Torso 21
Limbs 19

The carbine also requires extensive practice to handle it well, as the recoil is rather high. Many beginners who purchase their first carbine will have trouble at first, but to unleash its destructiveness, you have to use it more often even though if you don't want to. After practice and getting used to the gun, you should be able to bring down enemies with only a couple of shots.

This weapon is classified as primary, and was re-installed with the 2.0.5 patch.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Since the carbine is a powerful gun, you should only burst when using it, and never go full auto.
  2. Carbine is one of the few guns where you can run straight at the enemy without getting killed, as it kills the enemy quickly.
    Screenshot 42
  3. When in close combat, don't zoom your reticle in and make sure that you only shoot when your reticle is on your enemy. Never go full auto.
  4. To counter recoil, crouch when aiming for long range combat.
  5. Whatever you do, don't get yourself closer than medium range to your enemy.
  6. When an enemy is shooting at you, only shoot at him when he is facing away from you.
  7. When aiming for a moving target, move your cursor at the exact same speed at your target and place it barely ahead of your target.

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