Area56 is an small map with several small passageways and 90 degree turns, making it labyrinth like map. Almost all fighting occurs in the center of the map, as seen here in the picture. Any fully automatic gun will do, and killstreaks are often short lived. There are four passageways leading to the center of the map, and that is where the most action tends to happen. It has two sides where the 2 teams spawn. Each side has 2 entrances to the main area.Even though the sides are similar they are not identical.

Tips and TacticsEdit

  1. If possilbe, mine the enemy entranceways to the center of the map.
  2. Always use an RPG or plasmagrenades to eliminate groups of enemies at the entranceways.
  3. If you are at an entranceway, let a dumb teamate get killed first by the mines that the enemy has layed, then take cover at the corner of the entranceway, and fire through the entranceway.
  4. Since the map could be confusing, always follow the armory sign on your radar.
  5. Avoid crowded entranceways if you want to flank, and go into empty ones, where you can spawnkill.

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