Area56 is a small map which mainly consists of tight, small passageways and 90 degree turns, making it a labyrinth-like map.

Any fully automatic gun will do, and killstreaks are often short lived.

There are four passageways leading to the center of the map, and that is where the most action tends to happen. It has two sides where the 2 teams spawn. Each side has 2 entrances to the main area. Even though the sides are similar they are not identical. Entrances are covered by automatic doors.

The middle area contains an Armory Spot at the very center, and some crates which can be used as viable cover. There are ladders which lead to an upper area with more crates.

Tips and TacticsEdit

  1. If possible, deploy mines close to the enemy entrances.
  2. Always use an RPG or Plasma Grenades to eliminate groups of enemies at the entranceways.
  3. Avoid crowded entranceways if you want to flank, and go into empty ones.